The 25 Best Cities for Marketing Jobs in 2017

Like all professions, the marketing world is in the middle of an upheaval, in large part because of the effects of digital, which has forced marketers to rethink traditional practices and devise new strategies to reach consumers. Still, if the game is changing, the fundamentals still apply. Nor is marketing seeing the kinds of starkly negative effects endemic to other fields. Across the U.S., marketing, advertising, and promotional managers can expect 10% employment growth through 2024, faster than the national average. Sales occupations, in general, are steady at about 5-7% growth. Compensation levels also remain steady and competitive, with managers earning above $100k on average.

The below rankings list the best cities in the country for marketing professionals, according to metrics based on the number of available opportunities by population and the percentage of those jobs that paid in the top two-fifths of salary brackets. California is the most-represented state, anchored by excellent marketing jobs throughout the Bay Area — San Fransisco, Oakland, Fremont, San Jose — and in Southern California. Texas comes in second, anchored by the Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex’s high concentration of corporate headquarters (plus some of the region’s best ad agencies). Many of the cities, perhaps predictably, are also among the country’s most expensive, but places like Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia, Raleigh, and Denver offer both affordable living and premier career prospects. Other factors profiled include cultural attractions and overall economic benefits.
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