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Big Spenders: The Largest Online Marketing Campaigns

Marketing in 2014 focused on:

1.) Real Engagement
2.4 million challenge videos uploaded to Facebook $98.2m in donations to the ALS Association
2.) Emotion
Dove Real Beauty Sketches
3.) Premium Content
4.) Many Paths to Purchase
5.) Mobile

Digital is in. And Television Marketing spending will be surpassed by 2019.

Percentage of all ad spending//Total Spent (2019):
Digital marketing: 35%//$103 Billion
TV Advertising: 30%//$85 Billion

So what big brands win?

Most viewed YouTube marketing campaign videos:

1.) Evian//Evian baby&me//96,070,935
2.) Metro Trains Melbourne//Dumb Ways to Die//92,976,007
3.) Volvo Trucks//The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test 6)//76,467,518
4.) Dove//Dove Real Beauty Sketches//64,873,251
5.) CarrieNYC//Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise//59,941,884
7.) Old Spice//The Man Your Man Could Smell Like//49,599,949
8.) Pepsi//Jeff Gordon: Test Drive | Pepsi Max | Prank//43,361,650
9.) Red Bull//Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic free fall from 128k- Mission Highlights//37,499,773
10.) LG//So Real it’s Scary//22,903,077
11.) Kmart//Ship My Pants//21,830,671
12.) Kmart//Show Your Joe//18,304,479
13.) LG//Ultra Reality: What would you do in this situation? – LG Meteor Prank//17,331,066
14.) TNT//A dramatic surprise on an ice-cold day//14,772,642
15.) Air New Zealand//The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made #airnzhobbit//13,134,301
16.) Air New Zealand//An Unexpected Briefing #airnzhobbit//12,196,563
17.) Three UK//The Pony #DancePonyDance//9,721,656
18.) Bodyform//Bodyform Responds: The Truth//5,625,872

The Most-Repeated Success:

1st place (tie): Air New Zealand (2 top videos)
1st place (tie): TNT (2 top videos)
1st place (tie): Kmart (2 top videos)
1st place (tie): LG (2 top videos)

Recipe For Success

Characteristics of the most viral videos:
Humorous: 11
Social Experiment: 7
Intense/Shocking: 5
Prank: 5
Musical: 4
All Others: 9

Marketing for Micro Purchases is BIG

Getting to the top of the iOS app store:

80,000 downloads in 24 hours
3,333 an hour
55 a minute

In other nations:
UK: 26,000
Germany: 15,000
France: 13,000
Italy: 11,000
Spain: 7,000

After that Apple’s “app discovery” engine kicks off
And Organic growth sets in.

The cost for obtaining a loyal app customer is up to $1.58
With top 200 Free Apps Download Volume Increasing to 8.1 million a day
That’s over $12 million a day.

But it’s worth it, with successful apps grossing hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Highest Grossing Apps:

Facebook Games:
Candy Crush Saga–
$633,00 gross profit per day.
Or $231 million annual revenue

Google Play Games:
Clash of Clans–
$4.6 million profit per day.

iOS Mobile Games:
Clash of Clans–
$1.39 million profit per day.

Top Paid iPhone Apps:
Heads Up! $14,792 daily revenue
Minecraft – Pocket Edition
Plague Inc

Top Paid iPad Apps:
Minecraft – Pocket Edition
Cut the Rope 2
Heads Up!
The Room Two

Welcome to online marketing in 2015.