What Are Good Minors For Marketing Majors?


After much deliberation and thought, you’ve finally narrowed it down and decided you want to pursue a major in marketing. You love the idea of being part of the business world and know that marketing offers many career options.

If choosing your major wasn’t difficult enough, now you need to pick a minor and aren’t sure which would be the best choices for you. Below you will find my thoughts on minors and a short list of good minors to go with your marketing major, as well as why I feel it would work well for you.

What Can a Minor Do For You?

There are students who get quite confused on the topic of minor and if they’re really necessary. Some colleges don’t offer or require minors. I happen to think minors can help your career and give you some leverage when you start job hunting. It allows you to specialize in a certain area without taking a double major, and it takes requires less time and less credits than if you’d went for the double major.

Minors allow you to diversify your education portfolio and enhance your resume. Marketing is a vast career that touches on many areas in the business world, so a minor in your area of interest can really jumpstart your career. When it comes down to choosing a minor, you’re going to rely heavily on what areas interest you the most. Listed below are some minors that I feel would be very beneficial additions to your marketing major.



Graphic Design

If you enjoy art, you’ll enjoy pursing a minor in graphic design and will probably be a jump ahead in the competition. Let’s face it, we’re a world filled with technology and the more you can keep up with technology, the more competitive you’ll be and the further you’ll go.

By studying graphic design as part of your marketing major, you’ll gain knowledge and skill in the areas of rich media, Web design, social networking, blogs and the latest in business software. You’ll also have knowledge of the latest trends and events in the business world.

Social Media and E-marketing Analytics

Anyone in the business world will tell you that social media and e-marketing has changed the way businesses and people in general do business today. This minor will provide you with a diverse set of skills that will help you be profitable both in the job market and in the business world. It shows students how to use e-marketing and social media to attract and communicate with customers, find meaningful employment and apply analytical tools in every aspect in the business world.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The business world today has gone global, and the only way to be competitive globally is to move products and supplies from one organization to another in an attempt to satisfy an organization’s needs and goals. This minor not only gives you knowledge of both logistics and supply chain concepts but can also be useful in many fields such as engineering, economics, politics, public administration, international relations, health administration and more. Knowledge of logistics is very important in the world of business and marketing.

Business Administration

Regardless of how many new minors and specialized areas are created, the business administration minor will continue to be popular and beneficial to a student interested in business and marketing. When you take a business administration minor, you’ll have a wider variety of classes that will spread out your knowledge to more areas. This major can also prepare you for positions of leadership or management.


Statistics is to business and marketing what peanut butter is to jelly. If you’re studying marketing, you’ll need to know statistics, and the good thing about statistics is that it’s a field that offers many career choices.

In the business world, you have tons of data. Statistics teaches you now to collect, manage and convert this data into valuable information you’ll need to make critical and important decisions. Statistics are used in many careers and they make a great minor.

General Marketing

It’s very possible to take a major in marketing and a minor in general marketing, especially if you want to stay in the area of marketing and sales. This minor prepares you for careers in advertising and marketing. You’ll learn about marketing research, product planning and management, customer relations, consumer behavior and global marketing. If you’re interested in a career in advertising, this is a good choice for a minor.

Computer Science

Marketing is based on data and computer science is a field that deals with computers, Internet and technology – all the areas where the business world is headed. Combining marketing with computer science can be a great choice because we’ve become a technology-filled world and computer science will teach you what you need to know about online marketing, database juggling and running automated marketing systems.
Let’s face it – it’s all about automation today. Surprising as this may be, many students flip-flop these two and get a major in computer science and a minor in marketing.

International Business

As much as we fight it and try to change it, the fact is that the business world is more global than ever and continues to stay that way. Most large businesses are conducting business halfway around the world in only a matter of minutes. A minor in international business will familiarize you with international management and marketing; financial and economic differences among countries, and the business practices that are used today in the international business world.

Finance or Accounting

When you’re choosing a career in marketing, you better be prepared to work with finances and numbers. Some people actually love math and numbers in general. If you’re one of these individuals, you may find a lot of benefits from choosing a minor in accounting and finance.

These minors are good for much more than just jobs as bankers, auditors or CPAs. There are many careers that can be had when finance or accounting is chosen as a minor. Keep in mind, that numbers are used in every area of business and in every industry.