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10 Awesome TED Talks About Marketing

Being creative and different is what marketing is all about in the 21st century. People are immune to the same regurgitated material coming through the TV’s or airwaves, so in order to be different, you have to do things different. These videos are the perfect combination of resources to give you some solid ideas, and […]

What Are Good Minors For Marketing Majors?

After much deliberation and thought, you’ve finally narrowed it down and decided you want to pursue a major in marketing. You love the idea of being part of the business world and know that marketing offers many career options. If choosing your major wasn’t difficult enough, now you need to pick a minor and aren’t […]

What To Look For In A Marketing Internship

No matter how much education you may attain, the field of marketing is all about who you know. This is why obtaining the right marketing internship is perhaps more important than attaining an internship in another discipline with a more scientific basis. Marketing is the study of monetizing the science of people; therefore, you need […]

What Are The Highest Paying Marketing Jobs?

If you are working in marketing or advertising with the hopes of one day landing a position that pays well within your field of study, here is some valuable information about some top positions that pay very well in the field of marketing. This information is helpful if you are planning to one day acquire […]

What Is Low Brow Marketing?

Low Brow Marketing – The New Target Market To understand low brow marketing, an understanding of the classification “low brow” is necessary. Most individuals recognize the classification, “high brow.” as meaning “upper class” or those with identifiable superiority. For example, classical music has often been referred to as “high brow.” Using this example, today’s rap […]

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a marketing technique that targets users on their mobile devices, including phones, tablets, iPods and more. Since the introduction of the Smart Phone and apps, businesses have been using mobile marketing techniques to advertise their businesses. Consumers are spending more time than ever on their mobile devices, making it the perfect place […]

What Is Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing?

The fate of every business’s success lies in the hands of a working marketing strategy. Marketing is crucial to spread the word about your products or services and gain potential customers. If you aren’t bringing in new customers, your business isn’t going to be making the profits it needs to stay afloat. Every successful business […]

What Is A Marketing MBA?

For a business to succeed, they must have an effective marketing strategy. Large corporations hire people who have a marketing MBA to help promote the company, and help them stand out from the competition. What the Degree Entails When you enter the program for a Master of Business Administration, you will have the option to […]

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a term used to refer to the process of increasing website traffic through various online social networks. Internet marketers utilize these social platforms to reach a targeted audience. The use of social networks can achieve many goals such as increasing customer base, acquiring product and industry feedback and building name recognition […]

What Jobs Can I Get With An Associate’s Degree In Marketing?

Six Jobs You Can Do With Your Associate’s Degree In Marketing Individuals who earn an associate’s degree in marketing frequently have an extensive comprehension of the principles of marketing, consumer behavior, and advertising, which qualifies them to work in multiple areas of the marketing industry. An associate’s degree in the marketing field will take roughly […]