Today marketing is a multi-faceted pursuit combining good old-fashioned salesmanship, quality content, social media, and site metrics. If you’re an all around marketing guru, you’re going to need to streamline your process in order to manage a a many-tiered marketing campaign. Luckily, there are a ton of tools out there to help. Hack your way to the top by working smarter, not harder at online marketing with our 50 essential online marketing tools.

Link Popularity, Tracking, and Backlink Tools

  • Ahrefs: view SEO reports, backlinks and subnets over time, and visitor data.
  • Open Site Explorer: check out inbound links, anchor text, and comparisons between sites.
  • Majestic Site Explorer: use up-to-date or historical backlink data to monitor your pages.
  • WebMeUp: the world’s largets index of external backlinks. Query by site for backlinks, subnets, anchor texts, comparison, and visitor maps.
  • Marketing Grader: this hubspot tool assesses the target site in terms of social media, SEO, lead generation, mobile compatability, and blogging and condenses the reults into an overall score.
  • Compete: a series of analytic tools that provide insights on user behavior, overall site views, and comparison between sites.



Community Tracking

  • Google Alerts: recieve email alerts for the latest relevent Google results by keyword.
  • backtweets: track who is talking about you, what they’re saying, and view archives of Tweets.
  • Brandwatch: monitor what’s being said on the web about products, brands or people. Receive summaries of keywords, campaign and trend analysis.
  • Pinterest Business Analytics: monitor your Pinterest presence by seeing how users interact with your Pins, what content is the most repinned, clicked, or recent.
  • SocialMention: real-time social media search that aggregates trends by keyword from most major social media platforms.
  • IceRocket: monitors the web, blogs, Twitter and Facebook for brand monitoring. Provides results in one easy to read page.

Ad Tracking

  • Google Ads Display Network: a set of reporting tools that let you know which of your Google Ads get the most clicks, bring the most sales, and what your conversion rates are.
  • Bing Ad Center: interact and monitor ads on both Yahoo! and Bing, who combined account for close to 20% of search traffic.
  • CPC ROI Calculator: this tool calculates cost-per-click ROI to help you establish how you can profitably pay for ads.
  • PPC Web Spy: this tool uncovers the Google AdWords keywords your competitors are using, so you know where you should compete.
  • Spring Metrics: two groups of tools, one focusing on e-commerce conversion, and a second focusing on social, content and coupons.
  • improvely: measure all of your ad campaigns, use organic tracking, and utilize some of the most comprehensize click fraud monitoring online.

SEO and Keyword Optimization

Email Campaign Tools

  • MailChimp: drag and drop multimedia email editor for marketing campaigns.
  • Campaign Monitor: build email templates, manage lists, and integrate A/B testing with your email manager.
  • Benchmark Email: over 400 templates optimized for any screen size, and A/B testing for as little as $9.99 a month.
  • Constant Contact: edit templates, track interactions like email opens or donations, and connect customers to your social media.
  • Scope: go behind the scenes of competitors emails, seeing how other campaigns make beautiful and compelling messages.
  • Premailer: convert traditional HTML into email-ready inline-css HTML.

Site Popularity and Traffic Tools

  • Alexa: see if your site performs against key industry metrics. Uncover competitor strategies to increase competitive intelligence.
  • Lodgy: real-time analytics and statistics on your site’s visitors. Just paste a small JS code onto your pages.
  • Pagealizer: a tool that not only provides pertinent data on your site’s visitors, but suggests changes to optimize your site.
  • clicktale: view heatmaps and user interaction stories for your site. Even watch movies of hat site visitors are doing.

Social Media Tools

  • Canva offers user friendly image editing and illustration tools (think easier to use, but with less functionality Adobe Creative Cloud). A number of templates are available including their “social graphics” tool.
  • Mention:Listen to what’s being said online and on social media. Analyze your online presence and react instantly.
  • Commun.itmanages your site’s twitter account, giving you a look at top influencers in your field, tweet analytics, and letting you know who to un/follow.
  • Komfo: analyze your Facebook comparing fan penetration, and viral amplification across your posts. Also get a reading on whether you’re coming off as “spammy.”
  • Rignite: monitor your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube (more platforms being added currently), share accounts with teams of 3-6 people, view social media stats in a graphic interface.
  • Social Oomph: track keywords, utilize url shortening, purge previous tweets, and make recurring tweets on up to five Twitter accounts.

Progress Over Time

  • The WayBack Machine: look through cached versions of a site back through time.
  • Google Trends: analyze changing trending topics by country, timeframe, and topic.
  • Piwik: the leading open source web analytics platoform offering almost every metric as data over time.
  • AWStats: generate reports on web, streaming, ftp, or mail server statistics graphically, and with data over time.
  • Woopra: track a number of metrics over time on a visitor-by-visitor basis.

Content Creation

  • Blog Topic Generator: generate topics ideas for blog posts based on keywords.
  • Content Idea Generator: enter keywords and recieve potential titles for related content.
  • feedly: one of the best ways to subscribe to RSS feeds so you can monitor your industry and competitiors for news and content.
  • a service by Buzzfeed listing the 50 most trending pieces of content online.
  • Google Public Data: massive datasets from which to create compelling content.